Asilah, Cap Spartel, Tangier...

Tangier Morocco

We boarded a ferry and sailed across the Strait of Gibraltar to Africa, disembarking in Tangier, Morocco. It was our first time on the continent and we were greeted by a variety of sights that were entirely new to us. Here are some pictures of what we saw.

Asliah, Morocco, Africa

Local residents in Asliah, Morocco, Africa

The Oasis Restaurant, Tagine Lunch, Tangier, Morocco, Africa

Tagine Lunch, Tangier, Morocco, Africa

Transportation, Tangier, Morocco, Africa

El Minzah Hotel and dinner Tangier, Morocco, Africa

Rooftop view of Tangier, Morocco, Africa. To see our YouTube video of Tangier, Morocco, Africa, please click here.

Snake Handlers, Africa, Streets of the Kasbah. To see a YouTube video of our trip through the Kasbah, click here.

Streets of the Kasbah, Africa

Arches in Africa

Streets of the Kasbah, Africa

There are many shops along the narrow streets and the merchants are happy to engage you as you walk by.

Intricate patterns are a common feature of much of the handiwork.

The colorful designs make for interesting perusing.

There are many colorful, narrow passageways.

Walking the streets, we end up in the kasbah.

More colorful sights.

Streets of the Kasbah, Tangier Morocco Africa.

Local lady in the markets in the Kasbah.

The streets of the Kasbah are like nothing we've ever seen.

Driving through Tangier, Morocco Africa

We noticed they have very interesting door knockers and doors.

This is the oven for the village. They don't have personal ovens.

Then we went on to Cap Spartel.

Camels in Cap Spartel, Morocco, Africa. They're loving!

Virginia on a camel in Cap Spartel, Morocco, Africa in 2014. In 2019 we both took a sunrise camel ride at the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia..

Cap Spartel where we had biscuits and tea.

Lovely terrace for tea.

Quenching our thirst Bedouin-style with a glass of mint tea and local biscuits.

Cap Spartel, where the Mediterrenean meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is Africa's most Northern point.

Cap Spartel Tower and Lighthouse

Enjoying the beach in Cap Spartel, Morocco, Africa.

African port where we went to catch our ship to head back to Spain.