Rudzinskas.org Web Site

Welcome to our web site! We've enjoyed working with digital photography since 1998 when we bought our first digital camera, the odd-shaped Kodak DC40. Around the same time, we bought a scanner that included Photoshop 3.5 as part of the software bundle. In 2007, we thought it was time to put up our own Web site. We decided to learn Dreamweaver CS3 for this project and along the way we polished up our Photoshop skills. We have amassed a huge collection of photos that we've taken around our home, during day trips, and vacations throughout the United States, Africa, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Oceania.

Today, our cameras of choice are the Sony Alpha A1 and the Sony Alpha 7R Mark IV mirrorless cameras. We have our prime, our wide,  and our  telephoto lenses to play with. We use them daily when we go for our walks. We usually walk one of the following areas: Cameron Park Lake, Rasmussen Park, Bass Lake, The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, Cosumnes River Preserve and the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. We have become avid birders and enjoy taking pictures and posting them on social media. Here's the link to our wildlife photos on this site: Nature Gallery

Here are some pictutres taken from our house. The "header" picture at the top of the page is taken from our front porch. We had our land cleared as a fire-break this year so we added some photos showing how different it looks. We like the new look! 

The photographh below is taken from our back deck and shows a cool, sunny fall morning with a fog bank blanketing the surrounding foothills.

This is a picture of our front yard before we had to clear our land.

This is a picture of the front yard after we had the land cleared.

This sunrise photo was taken from our front circle.

In this area of the foothills, redbuds generally start to bloom in early March. They display a deep magenta color that contrasts beautifully with the green hillside. Sometimes storms arise creating dramatic lighting effects. This storm combined an ominous ceiling along with a wide expanse of billowy clouds.

Mule ears start showing their sunny yellow faces around April.

El Dorado County contains many rolling hills dotted with redbuds (Cercis occidentalis), digger pines, manzanita, mule ears and a host of other interesting plants. It is also home to "Gold Country". Gold was discovered in nearby Coloma in 1848. (We haven't discovered any yet.) Also, nearby is Placerville, a.k.a., Old Hangtown.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are directly to the east of us. Maybe that's why we get so many glorious sunrises. Sometimes the sky will be just a light pink and other times it will be a dark red mixed with gold and deep blue. It's often so pretty we can't help but snap away. Thank goodness for digital photography. The pictures below are some of our sunrises and sunsets taken throughout the years.

This is a picture of our gazebo in the side yard.

We often get some curious, and hungry, visitors in our back yard.

After storms we are often rewarded with rainbows. This is a rainbow over our barn.

Another rainbow.

This is a sunrise over the Golden Sierra Mountains. It was taken in our front yard.