Photos we like

Some ours... some not.

This is the only place on our site where there is a photo we did not personally take.

These are some photos from 1948. The first one is of cowboys in a bar in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

This is Bear Paw Dude Ranch

Black Oak Creek with the Grand Tetons in the background.

The Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Broadway Street, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Trout fishing in String Lake, Jackson Hole Wyoming

Gambling in 1948.

Mountain Road

Dude Ranch

Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park, Moran Wyoming

Moose drinking in a stream

River with Grand Tetons in background.

Here are some old cars we thought were interesting.

Here are some rare photos...

Sahquille O'Neal dwarfed by Robert Wadlow.

Here are some picures from the 1960's.

And here are some pictures that are just cool...