Fabulous Fish

Seafood is not only good for you it's delicious!

English does not distinguish between fish as an animal and the food prepared from it,  as it does with pig vs. pork or cow vs beef. But, anyway you cut it... fish is flavorful!

Here's a great Spicy Orange Roughy recipe. We love spicy!

Here's a great Crab Imperial recipe.

Blackened Salmon with Asparagus and Dill Sauce

Completely enclosing enough meat and filling to create an entire meal would add too many calories and carbs. So instead, here is an open wrap that tastes as delicious as a closed one but has less calories. Enjoy this Shrimp Open Burrito without guilt!

Blackened Catfish. Many commercially available blackened seasonings contain a ton of sodium, so I prefer to make my own in an effort to control the amount of salt we use. And, it's tasty!

These Crab Cakes are very delicate so handle them with care to avoid crumbling!

These are great fish tacos!

This is a great microwave fish dish!

This microwave fillet of fish in lemon rice is delicious!