Food Dipped in a Communal Pot...

Here's a Lobster or Crab Fondue that's great!

The chocolate fondue stays true to the flavor of the unmelted chocolate; using a chocolate you like straight from the package is a good idea. Milk chocolate will produce a mild and sweet fondue, semisweet chocolate will bring a deeper and more bitter flavor to the fondue, and bittersweet chocolate will present a pronounced bitter and even slightly acidic flavor. If you’d like just a touch of bitterness in the fondue, you may combine milk and semisweet or bittersweet chocolates. Plan for about 3/4 cup bread, cake, or fruit per person. The fruit may be prepared up to 4 hours and the bread and cake up to 1 hour ahead of time. You will need a real fondue pot (with heat source) to keep the chocolate mixture warm and fluid.

This Carmel Rum Fondue is fun! It's best to add a fair amount of water to the sugar to ensure even melting for this Carmel Rum Fondue, then cover the pot and cook it over high heat. The lid prevents crystallization because the trapped condensation washes the walls of the pot and removes any adhered sugar crystals that could cause the sugar to seize. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, remov the lid and lower the temperature to make it easy to gauge the caramel’s color. There’s a very fine line between a perfect golden-brown caramel and a bitter, burnt caramel. After adding the heavy cream, add a little butter, which mades its appearance more glossy and its flavor rounder, and spicy dark rum, which best matched the caramel’s flavor.