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This is a great Sauteed Peas with Mushrooms and Thyme recipe. Frozen peas have already been blanched, so the key to a good frozen pea recipe is to avoid overcooking and to create dishes that don’t interfere with their convenience. For the frozen pea recipe, I found that just five minutes of simmering was all that was needed to produce bright, tender green peas. Switching from a saucepan to a skillet allows the peas to heat more quickly and evenly over the larger surface.

Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower recipe. The stronger flavor of browned cauliflower stands up well to bolder, more complex flavor combinations, such as the Asian flavorings

The Sauteed Peas with Coconut Milk and Cilantro is a great combination of flavors

To make this Broiled Salmon with Mustard and Crisp Dilled Crust you will need heavy-duty foil measuring 18 inches wide. This is essential for creating a sling that aids in transferring the cooked fillet to a cutting board. Use a large baking sheet so that the salmon will lie flat. If you can’t get the fish to lie flat, even when positioning it diagonally on the baking sheet, trim the tail end. If you prefer to cook a smaller 2-pound fillet, ask to have it cut from the thick center of the fillet, not the thin tail end, and begin checking doneness a minute earlier.